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Nov 8, 2022
I created my server in february 10th 2022, my friends and I were playing there almost everyday since then.
But, today I login in my server panel and... there was no server. The panel shows this msg: "There are no servers associated with your account."
What happened?? My backups were deleted too..
This means that I lost 10 months of buildings, technic farms and all our progress??
I dont know what to do next, I want to recover my server, or at least my world...
If I did something wrong, ill fix it.. but i believe that my server was randomly deleted.


Sep 27, 2022
I said that my friends and I were active in the server.
We played in the server almost every day and I even opened the server two days before the server was deleted.
Thats why I am here waiting for a coherent explanation.
now I'll ask when the last time before your server was delete that you logged into the client panel, because we don't just delete server (unless your server was on an sg node)

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