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Sep 27, 2022

📌 Common Questions & Answers

🤔 - "I don't have the option to create a thread or to reply."

R: Disable your adblock! Some adblockers are known to block certain functionalities on websites.

🤔 - "What server software should I choose for my Minecraft server?"

R: We have a range of options which you may choose from! Check our help center for more information.

🤔 - "Why is my access being limited?"

R: Falix is still limited in certain countries to avoid overloading the service. We won't go against using VPNs to circumvent the situation, but it's not recommended.

🤔 - "Why is my server shutting down on its own?"

R: There are several reasons, but the most common ones are: the server has been running without players for a certain duration of time, the server has become overloaded and has crashed, or your world is corrupted.

🤔 - "How do I change the server icon?"

R: Visit our server icon creation tool, upload your image, then download it. Upload the image to your server's root folder. Make sure the file is called server-icon.png. If this is not the case, rename it.

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